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Wednesday 19 October 2011

2 idiots abroad - Russia

We decided for our last night to go out and have a meal and a few drinks.  We found a nice restaurant and managed to order caviar.  We had salmon caviar which was 300 rubles, we could not afford Russian caviar as this was 2250 rubles and we are glad we did not order that as it was the most awful taste you can imagine.

A few beers were in order after dinner and we went to the KGB bar, it was empty except for a very funny drunk who we chatted to for an hour or so, we did not stay too long as 4 beers costs us £20 so we called it a night and headed home to prepare for checking out in the morning.

We had to leave our hotel in Moscow by lunchtime which was a real pain as the train to Mongolia did not leave until 21.30 that evening.  We decided to try and waste a day in the mall at Red Square.  We managed to make a drink at McDonalds last about an hour and a half.

We sat and people watched out in the mall and Martin lost count of the young trendy good looking women that walked past.  Once we got bored of that we headed over to the station that we had to leave from called Yaroslavskiy.  This part of town was a far cry from the classy area of Moscow that we had just left.   We wited around until our train was called and it was time to see who we would be sharing our cabin with for 5 days and nights. 
Martin said he would be happy as long as we weren't sharing with a man or  the French but was really hoping for a young good looking chick
We ended up sharing with  a nice gentelman who was a Biology proffessor at the UB university and our neighbours were a French couple going off back packing for a year.

The cabin was bigger than the previous cabin from Warsaw but not much bigger!

Luckily it was only us 3 in our cabin for the whole journey, the French couple ended up having their cabin to themselves for the whole trip - lucky sods.
We had many people join us and leave us over the journey but they were only really around for 1 or 2 stops.

The toilet / bathroom was very very basic for washing but there was hot water - well in one of them anyway. The toilet was nothing fancy, once you had finished you pressed the pedal and it emptied on track.

We were lucky and did not have to live off dried noodles for 5 days as we shopped before we left and we brought some bread and vegetales from the babushkas who sell their wares on the train station's when you have stop overs.

The rules of the railway are very different out here, it seems that if you want to get to the other platform, you just walk accross the track.  At one point they were coupling a new engine to our train and rather than go around it or wait for them to finish people just carried a baby in a pram accross in between the engine and the train. Astounding!

We were very pleased when the train journey was over!!

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