This is the blog of Martin and Caroline as they go out and see some of the world

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Bow has lodgers arriving

Bow is preparing the house for the arrival of Allen and Penny (my mum and dad) and their dog Hollie.

There is no time like the present ....

As those of you who know us are aware, we have been talking about doing a 2 year trip in our tuck for as long as we can remember.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we could no longer use Ella our big green Volvo and so the hunt for a new truck was on.  We found a Renault TRM 2000 but turning that into our home on the road was not going to be a quick fix and so we decided that a back packing trip by train and bus was a solution to get out and do some travelling in the short term.
Our planned route is to go from London to Russia (via Europe) and then on to Mongolia, we then enter China and take a tour from Tibet to Nepal via Everest Base Camp and then enter India to arrange our way home.
We head off in 9 days and counting,