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Sunday 20 November 2011

Chengdu Panda’s – China

Arriving in Chengdu we walked through town and found a reasonable hotel and checked in.  We had travelled to Chengdu to see the Panda’s at the Chengdu Panda Research Base.  The Base was founded in 1987, with six giant pandas rescued from the wild. By 2008 the captive population had increased to 83 from that original six. It covers 200 hectares and also has red pandas which we had never seen before.  Everything we read had told us to be at the park for breakfast time as the pandas are most active at breakfast.  We knew that there was a tourist bus that could take you there very cheaply but it did not leave until 8am and it made stops on the way so we opted to pay a bit extra and get a tour bus there organised by one of the local hostels that got you to the park for opening time.  We were glad we did as it was great to see the panda’s outside and moving around.  They were so cute, especially the 2 month old ones that were just a ball of fluff.  Even Martin at the end of the day was pleased he went.

There did not seem much else available to us to do in Chengdu as a lot of the other tours were only with Chinese guides as we are now out of the tourist season so we decided we would head out and see some other places.
We went and paid the balance on our Tibet tour and we have to collect our train tickets that will take us from Chengdu to Lhasa before the 10th November so we will revisit Chengdu to collect these later.

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